What sort of base do I need for my Greenhouse or Garden Building?

It is not sufficient to rely on level grass or soil as this does not allow water to drain away freely and may become water logged in just one area allowing the shed to sink or move.

Base options;

  • Stones or Scalpings
  • Slabs
  • Concrete

It is also important to remember that the size of the sheds we talk about refer to the internal floor size and the storage space inside. There is an overhang of the roof all the way around so the site has to leave clearance against fences, walls and trees of at least 150mm (6”).

What size does my base need to be?

That base needs to be the same size as the shed or larger.


Once we have received your signed order, your order will be passed on to our manufacturing team for construction and then delivery. Delivery will be carried out as soon as possible, general guidance on the average lead times once the signed order has been received is usually 3-4 weeks but item can be completed sooner if required.

On receipt of your signed order, you will be contacted by us directly to determine a mutually agreeable delivery date. Products may be delivered direct from us or by a courier.

In exceptional circumstances it may prove necessary to alter the delivery date, according to the level of orders and seasonal variations, but you will be consulted prior to any alteration.

All ‘delivery only’ orders will be made only to the side of the delivery vehicle, unless agreed at the time of order. It is the responsibility of the customer to arrange for the building to be moved from the delivery point. Under no circumstances will the delivery vehicle leave the public highway to facilitate a delivery, unless it’s driver is certain that it is safe to do so.

Please note:

All prices include shed erection but delivery prices can vary based on location. Please contact us for exact quotations.

Will my shed be delivered and installed in one day?

Yes all sheds are delivered and installed in one day, this is why having the base in place is paramount.

Access is limited to my Garden can you still deliver and install?

Yes, as long as we are made aware of limited access when you order we can make your shed to fit around obstacles. Normally the panels will go through a domestic door and a reasonably straight run through a house.

Can I take my shed/summerhouse with me if I move house?

Yes you can take your shed down, we would recommend that the parts are numbered as the shed is dismantled or you can always call us and we can advise.

In addition we are happy to come and move the shed for you, normally including a refurbishment, there would be a cost for this.

Can my shed be on a boundary?

Your shed will need approximately 300mm from a boundary, to accommodate the overhang of the roof and allow fitters access.

What warranty do we receive with our Shed or Garden Building

To see the warranty we offer, please visit this page